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  1. Marineland Rite-Size K Cartridge Mod

    DIY Aquarium
    Some more Eclipse modifications for ya'll. I recently added a live plant to my Eclipse System 6. Since I wanted to begin adding fertilizers and carbon additive to the water I was going to need to stop having activated carbon in the filter lest it suck the ferts right out of the water as quick as...
  2. Emperor 400 or Penguin 350 filter?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Was looking to invest in a new filter even although my current filter is rated for 130 gallons. Which/what filter would you recommend for a 55 gallon tank? I have been looking into both of these, but haven't made any commitments, Thanks ;) Emperor 400: $48.49 Emperor 400 Power Filter, Filters...
  3. How long do I have?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi: I have a 46 gallon freshwater aquarium with one fish - a pristella teta. She was 7 years old and died last night. I know I've got to get more fish to keep the filter healthy, but I want to completely redo the aquarium with large rocks, etc. and get new fish that like that environment. My...