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  1. I am introducing a new female kribensis cichlid to my male cichlid

    Recently my female kribensis died which was already paired off. My male kribensis looked sad so after a couple days I bought a new female, however she's small compared to my giant male o.o I put her in a breeding tank in my tank to see how she would do. He started to attack the breeding tank, is...
  2. Male or female honey gourami? Also - is this even a honey gourami?

    Hi all, About a month ago I had two honey gouramis shipped to me - I requested two females, but I can't tell whether they are or not. I've attached a photo of one of the fish, the other won't hold still long enough for me to take a picture. The one pictured is bigger than the other one, with...
  3. Female Guppy Looks Male...or not?

    I have raised fish on and off for a few years, but recently decided to get back into the hobby. I purchased 5 female guppies and an African Dwarf frog and set up my 10-gallon aquarium for them. Every one was happy, but now some are picking on each other a bit. I'm not worried that they will...
  4. Dwarf gourami and Dwarf Honey gourami

    Just purchased 2 female dwarf honey gouramis. It was indicated at the shop that they were dwarf gouramis but they looked different to what I thought they should as some had a distinct black line across the length of the females body. From reading around on the internet I have found out dwarf...
  5. Are my Honey Gourami's male and female?

    Hi, I have just bought these two Honey Gourami's from my LFS and I'm wondering whether they are male and/or female? Fish 1 wouldn't keep still so I have several shots of him/ her. Fish 1: Fish 2: Also here is a video of them both if the pictures aren't clear enough: Are my Honey...
  6. Been sold some "female" guppies that look male to me 2nd opinion please

    I have just purchased 5 "female" electric blue split tail Guppies, however I dont think on closer inspection that they are female. however I'm no expert so I thought I'd get some opinions :-) I'll try to get better pics or a video to help :-) Steve
  7. At what age kenyi change their colour ?

    I just got some kenyi mine are 2 inch long. So at what age they will change colour and I will know which is male and which is female... Can anyone tell me. I am really interested to breed them someday, so I want to be prepared :) and please tell me anything which I should know about these kenyi...
  8. Are either of my mollies pregnant?!

    I just bought them today (specifically asking for two females) and at first I thought that only one was pregnant, she is fat and lazy and sits about the bottom of the tank and is about half the size of my other creamcicle but the other has the dark spot!
  9. Breeding jewel cichlids?

    Fish Breeding
    Hi everyone. I have had 6 jewel cichlids in my 63 gallon tank for a few months now. They are a couple of years old I think and in the last few days one of them has just stayed inside a certain cave while a larger on just guards the cave all day and chases off anyone who comes near. Would this...
  10. Female betta

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    So I have a beautiful blue male Betta, about a year old. I really want to find a female for him and breed them but I can't find anyone who sells females. I've tried many pet shops and they never have them, the one time I saw one it was already reserved. No one around here is a breeder which is a...
  11. snowflake male or female?

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    As you can see from my picture, I have a snowflake eel that is ultimatley my favorite fish. However, I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl. On these eels, is it possible to determine the sex just by looking/observing them?:-?
  12. My female balloon mollies seem to be dying.

    Ive had the tank(10gal) about 2 months now. I originally got 1 male dalmation molly, 1 red tailed tetra, and 1 female balloon molly. I waited about a month and introduced 4 more fish. (another tetra, 1 male&1 female balloon molly and male dalmation molly) .. a few days later, the first female...
  13. Aggressive Female Guppy!

    I bought 5 guppies last week, 2 males and 3 females and I have a 29 gallon tank with plenty of plants in it for hiding. I thought at first my fish had ich so I started treating for that. But now, I notice that the fins are just shredded looking and all of them have this problem except one female...
  14. my guppies are hiding behind the filter

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I am a college student who has just recently started an aquarium in her dorm room. I am really new to this and wanted to join a forum like this for advice. My aquarium is 5.5 gallons (the largest i could fit in my dorm room) there are links to view a couple of pictures of it in my signature...
  15. Trouble with ram :( please help!!!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I know I'm not supposed to post duplicate questions, but I fear my fish is getting worse and in hopes of getting a quicker answer I'm going to break the rules. My female ram cichlid has lost basically all of her color except for a faint blue shimmer and a patchy black line along her sides. My...