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  1. Black Bar Endler

    Black Bar Endlers ( Endler's Livebearer) are an incredibly beautiful fish species that are rarely seen in pet stores. So, most people have never even seen one in person. If you have never seen an Endler Livebearer, I suggest that you watch the following video. These fish are incredible. They...
  2. General Questions: Livebeaers, too many snails, live plants

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hey there~! Okay so I have an Established 60 US Gallon tank. It's been running for 6 months now round about. It is planted. The plants had gone loopy! This was my first "BIG" tank so I was confused as to why they were growing, some were dying and yet they were sprouting! in other areas of the...
  3. Stocking Question: Male only tank of Endlers and Guppies

    Hey :) I'm using AqAdvisor for my 13gallon tank. It's dimensions are 24.25 x 16.625 x 8.375 (measured from outside; so when I type it into AqAdvisor I put 24 x 16 x 8) Here's a link to the tank I bought: Aqueon » 13 LED Widescreen Aquarium Kit | Products Anyway I'm currently cycling it. Just...
  4. Free Endlers Livebearers

    About 6 months ago, I purchased 4 male and 2 female Endlers Livebearers for my community tank. When I saw a few babies, I scooped them up to keep them from becoming a meal for some of my other fish. I raised them (about 10) in a second tank until they were large enough to fend for themselves...
  5. Science Fair Project help: Guppy, Endler or Molly hybrid

    My son is doing a science fair project. He is trying to breed a hybrid. Here is the link to the project idea. The project calls for male Guppies and female Endlers. The problem is that I need pure strain Endlers. I have only been able to track down juveniles in our area. The project has to be...
  6. Will baby endlers hybrid be bigger?

    Fish Breeding
    i am relatively new to breeding and have never crossbred before. i crossbred a plain blue female guppy with an endlers guppy i got at petsmart last week. will it be a big endlers guppy or a tiny blue fancy guppy? or is it just chance?
  7. Endlers Livebearer available for sale

    TFK Other Countries Classifieds
    I have a few extra pure strain "Black Bar" Endlers. Endlers are very active and extremely hardy & tolerant of varying water conditions. Contact / Info: * Adult males & females available @ $5 each * This strain has the brightest coloration I've seen as compared to national & local sellers...
  8. Pygmy Cories lethargic since introduced Endlers

    Hi, I have a relatively new aquarium (35l, planted aquarium, 2 1/2 months old, 20% water change once a week). In mid February we introduced 5 pygmy cories (not sure of sex, think 3 females and 2 males), and they were fantastic. Swimming all over the tank, playing together, and vacuuming the...