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  1. Platy is completely stressed out, not looking fine!!

    So I added a new male swordtail into my 10 gallon tank, only previously habited by my male platy and Oto. The days after I added him, both my platy and the swordtail kept having horrible fights, I can't exactly separate them so I just hoped for the fights to stop. It has calmed down relatively...
  2. Please Help :( Fin Rot and scale flaking/deterioration have spread to my second tank

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    This is my third time posting. Still not one reply can anyone please just at least give me some ideas to what is happening? 2 days ago, I awoke to my disease free 29 gallon tank with one of my platys (also my first fish :( ) stuck to the filter inlet, my Red Wag looking very similar to the...
  3. Stumped on ammonia :( Can't get levels to stay low and fish are suffering!

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I have a 55 gallon tank with 6 black neon tetras, 7 neon tetras, 3 leopard danios, 1 albino cory, 2 mollies, 5 clown loaches. Ammonia: averages 0.25 ppm (but only after triple doses of ammolock) Nitrites: 0 pH: 6.8 Temp: 80 F My tank (planted) was cycled and I slowly added new fish and...
  4. Should I put down my Swordtail today?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi. My female Swordtail, Auraques, hasn't eaten in almost a week. She has been in my 1.5 gallon hospital tank for the last 8 hours. She has suffered from multiple cases of mouthrot (that stuff comes back everytime I take it off of the fungus medication). Right now she just sits on the bare floor...