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  1. electric blue ram with ick and not finrot!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    electric blue ram with ick and now finrot! So a couple weeks ago I brought home and upsidedown catfish friend for my other usd cat. I quarantined him for a day and did a methylene blue dip as an anti fungal but when he looked fine and frisky i added him to my 13 gallon, did a 30% water change...
  2. Lighting for Jack Dempsey EB

    My Jack Dempsey Electric Blue has finally (or should I say already) reached the size when he needs to get rehomed into a larger tank. I'm setting up a 55G, sand substrate, driftwood, random stones and live plants. I read that he may dig them up, I'll take my chances. He is not interested in the...
  3. Raising Electric Blue Jack Dempseys

    Looking for any advice on successfully raising EBJDs. I have 3 currently around 3cm (1 1/4"). Have them in my little quarantine tank with daily water changes. Really want them to make it considering how $$$ they are not to mention how stunning they become. Got plenty advice from the breeder...