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  1. Incredible surgery on a fish egg using 2 sewing needles !!!

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    SURGERY ON A FISH EGG ! ( a tale of aquatic morality ) Hello, everyone I recently had a Golden Wonder Killifish that hatched from its egg, but failed to completely break free of the egg membrane. Its head was still stuck inside the egg, while only the tail was free! I found the fry about 24...
  2. The Ramshorn Snail Friend Or Foe ?

    The ramshorn snail is often seen as an aquarium pest that people want to avoid. However, they only pose a problem in an aquarium that is unbalanced. When the aquarist adds too much food to the tank, the ramshorn snails take advantage of the abundance and breed at an alarming rate. Population...
  3. Horned Nerite snail hatching in freshwater???!

    I have a nerite snail. Only one. its fairly new and could have come pregnant i suppose, but i noticed it laid eggs all over my drift wood last week (maybe even only a few days ago... and i was just observing my tank before i went to bed and i saw a small - like really tiny - bump on the leaf of...
  4. Breeding Angels

    Hi all, My first time here and I need some guidance please. My breeding pair of angels have laid eggs all down my filter tube, some are white and some are grey'ish. I have two questions, why is the female stopping the male going near the eggs? and what do I do with the eggs, I cannot move them...
  5. What is this?!?

    I have a dwarf balloon cichlid, who recently developed a bump on its head. I believe it also just had eggs with my convict cichlid. It seems strange, but those are the only two cichlids I have, and the convict is DEFINITELY guarding a clutch of eggs. I don't know if the bump is something...
  6. Is this eggs?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I have 10 neon tetra and 1 betta, i added this fake plant about 1 weeks ago and 3 days ago I found these small bubbles on the leave is it eggs or just bubble? If it's eggs what should I do?
  7. Eggs on my glass, what do i do???

    Advanced Freshwater Discussion
    I came home today to find eggs on my glass... the only fish capable of this in the tank are my peppered corys and glow tetras. any idea who these belong to? and what should i do? leave them in the tank? hatch them elsewhere? any advice greatly appreciated!
  8. Weird Mystery Snail stuff

    So I have 2 Mystery Snails who I thought were both girls living in separate tanks. I put them in a bigger tank together and they immediately started mating which lasted for a few days:shock: then the boy hitched a free ride from her for a while:roll: I have one of the AquaTop that were on...
  9. I think my yellow lab is holding eggs, Please advise

    So I've had my 55 gal. Tank set up for almost a year now and have enjoyed watching 4 yellow lags, 3 Red Zebras (one orange in color, two larger pinkish/white in color) and 2 Salousi grow up from juvenile's to adults. The fish all seem to get along fine, the occasional, fighting here and there...
  10. "Pregnant" Chinese Algae Eater

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hi Everyone! I'm new a new member and I need some information on the breeding habits of chinese algae eaters. I noticed that my CAE's belly got bigger recently. I had 2 CAE's, but the 1 passed away recently and I'm assuming that it was a male. Her behaviour is normal, she's cleaning and...
  11. Macro shots, preg ghost shrimp

    Freshwater Journals
    Decided to take advantage of the pregnant shrimp to play with my macro lens. I'm not a real photographer, its just attachments on my iphone so its a bit low-res. full Flickr Set and video
  12. Came back home from work today to see 2 of my Angel fish have 'Spawned'.

    Fish Breeding
    They've spawned and attached their eggs onto a leaf that I have in my tank. What should I do next? I don't know if they are even fertile or even how much time has passed since they have spawned the eggs, but both of the Angels are protecting the eggs vigorously against any and every other fish...
  13. Whose Eggs are These, I'm Clueless

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I woke up this morning to find these eggs stuck to the glass of my 20 gallon tall tank, but i have no idea what they could be eggs from. In the tank i have: 2 Silver Mollies 20+ Jacobfreibergi Fry 3 Black Kuhli Loaches 1 Green Cory Catfish 2 Panda Garra Juvies There are no snails or shrimp in...
  14. is this tetra eggs?

    Fish Breeding
    so this morning i found bunch of little pink thing stuck all over the place, not sure what it is, i think its the eggs from my tetra. but the eggs seem a little bit too big for the tiny tetra and i dont remember seeing one with big tummy. i took some pictures so if you know what this is please...
  15. German Rams laid eggs, now fight :/

    Give them time. Pairs break up and reform pretty often. They are likely still in spawning mode even though the eggs got eaten. Give them a few days and they should calm down.
  16. Egg Hatching! Need Help/Advice

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hi All. Im Trying To Hatch Around 20 Killifish Eggs. (nigerianus masaje gold) I put them In For Hatching Around 11pm GMT lastnight And it is now 1pm GMT next day. Is It normal that none have hatched yet? Also any additional Advice on the hatching process i.e What to look for, temperature etc...
  17. Help Please! Need Help Sexing My Fish :)

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hi guys Could anyone Help Me In Sexing My Golden Wonder Panchax'x Please? im not sure if it is 2 males, 2 female or male and female pair? 1 is bigger and has a "belly" and also a slight bend in the body (looking from above) with a Black Horizontal Stripe On its side. The smaller 1 however is...
  18. Ghost Shrimps Eat Eggs?

    my cousin has a tank with guppies , platties , neon tetras , a suckermouth cat , a readhead fish that i dont remember its name and a ghost shrimp.. can he breed his fish in the same tank? or the ghost shrimp will eat the eggs?? (or is it another threat for the eggs)? thanks!
  19. Angelfish Futile Egg Laying

    This tells me they're both female and I need to add more to the tank (currently it's just these two). Watch in HD for full detail!
  20. Discus 1 Eating Eggs From Discus 2

    Two Discus' in my 90gal appear to be BFFs. But one will lay eggs on the glass and then later on I catch the other one eating them. They are always hanging out together so I don't understand why the other one would be so mean. I don't know if the other one is male or female. Any ideas?