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  1. Saltwater Fish
    I am planning to get a 65 gallon aquarium with a snowflake eel, and I was wondering what would be okay to house it with. Some of the fish I like are the longnose hawkfish, and any gobies, blennies, dartfish, or maybe a frogfish. Any ideas would be valuable. Also, does the same 1 inch per 3-5...
  2. Saltwater Fish
    I just purchased a beautiful Niger Trigger in my 60 gallon tank , I have a chocolate chip starfish, Yellow Tang and a greenwolf eel. I worried about the tang but I was wrong! The greenwolf eel is being very aggressive to the trigger( He is a good size didnt think it would be a problem) since the...
  3. Freshwater Journals
    Added a Peacock Eel to my Silver Dollar tank. It's very active, entertaining. Gets along great with the other fish. I may add another.
  4. Ancient Fish
    Hi all I recently switched from a gravel substrate to sand and now my Peacock Eel refuses to burrow like he has done every since I got him (4 years ago). I switched to the sand substrate because after a lot of time spent surfing numerous fish forums, it seems to be the general consensus that...
  5. Saltwater Fish
    I have two snowflake eels, two domino damsels, one coral beauty, and one pearl scale butterfly fish can all of these fish go in a tank with a anemone. I also am thinking about getting a dwarf lionfish
  6. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Here's my 55gallon Tank. Hardware 55 Gallon Glass Tank 2 T5 48" Bulbs. 67k 1 T8 48" Bulb. 67k 120 Blue LED's (on moonlight timer) A Hanging Filter 10 lb cylinder injected co2 w/bubble counter regulator. Co2 diffused through powerhead under cave rocks (small bubbles get stuck under the rocks) 1"...
  7. Ancient Fish
    My fiance recently got a Dinosaur Bichir to go in our tank, he's only about 5 inches or so right now, but I know he's going to grow. Can anyone give me some tips on what they've found that works best to accomodate a Dino Bichir? Also, what's the minimum tank requirement for them? On a side...
  8. Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    As you can see from my picture, I have a snowflake eel that is ultimatley my favorite fish. However, I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl. On these eels, is it possible to determine the sex just by looking/observing them?:-?
  9. Ancient Fish
    I recently purchased a 36 aqueon bow front fish tank and I'm looking at fish that I want to get forit. I want some sort of eel or rope fish, something with a long snakey body. I also want some sort of pleco to go with it but nothing to big. I'm looking for about 6 fish to fit in this tank. If...
  10. Saltwater Fish
    Hello, first post. Well here is the deal, I am thinking of building a larger(above 100gal) plexiglass aquarium and I wanted to stock it with a Snowflake Eel, Watchman Goby, and a Pistol Shrimp. Perhaps a couple of ID sharks but I doubt it. Now my question is, will the eel eventually eat the...
  11. Ancient Fish
    Hi everyone, I recently bought a Striped Peacock Eel, from petsmart. Last night I noticed a strange lump on its right side somewhat near its tail. I'm really worried...It looks like a yellow...pimple..with a potruding white center!! Please help, I'm so scared that I'm going to be the reason...
  12. Brackish Water
    I just obtained a "freshwater" moray eel to quickly find out that the fish store had NO idea what they were talking about! I know there is no such thing as a freshwater moray eel and that they are either brackish or full marine. Its gold and extremely stunning, they said he was eating but I know...
1-12 of 13 Results