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  1. Damsel in Distress, what to do? Laying on side on bottom of new tank

    Saltwater Fish Diseases
    55 gallon only live sand for the first 3 weeks, live rock for about 1 1/2 weeks, added 2 yellow tail damsels, a shrimp, and 3 snails yesterday. One of the damsels began laying on its side this afternoon on the bottom of the tank, looks like its breathing rapidly, and occassionally swims in...
  2. Pregnant Guppy Distressed?

    Fish Breeding
    Hey there everybody! First-time breeder here. I have four guppies, two female and two male, along with two ghost shrimp and a blue lobster. One of my females has been pregnant for weeks, and I feel she is on the brink of giving birth soon. I know because she's "boxing" and her gravid pod is...
  3. Creamcicle Molly is staying near bottom of tank and distressed

    We have a freshwater tank (26 gallon) with 2 yellow tale male guppies, 3 zebra danios, 2 cories, and 8 mollies of different types 5 female, 3 male. Just today I noticed one of the male mollies hanging out at the bottom of the tank and swimming a little awkwardly. As I observed him throughout the...