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  1. 60 gal themed tank for black ghost. looking for suitable tankmates

    Advanced Freshwater Discussion
    hello, i recently got a 60 gal tank and I'm getting a bgk in a couple of weeks after its set up. (don't worry, this is a temporary setup until i get my 150 gal in about 4-5 months ) That being said, i wanted to keep some discus with him, maybe 4? But i read a lot that they aren't compatible...
  2. Filter for 46 Gal Discus Aquarium HOB vs Canister??

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hello everyone!! I recently moved and I'm planning on upgrading my 15 gal column tank to a 46 gallon bow front. I have 3 years experience and would like to try a discus aquarium. I plan on keeping lots of live plants to provide a "natural" home for the fish. As of right now I only have the tank...
  3. Discus kept alone, with schooling fish?

    I'm starting up a 46-gallon and have plans to build a tropical community. I want a school of rasboras and a school of tetras, as well as a "centerpiece" fish. Would a discus do well in a community? Is it OK to keep one discus? pH is 7.8, and the tank will be cycled. Thank you!
  4. Flidised bed filters

    Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    Years ago i had a fluidised bed filter which hung on the side of my tank and apparently bolstered the biological filter in the tank due to its massive surface area of the sandy substrate. My question is this, after a while the sand seemed to stop flowing and become sort of compact and more or...
  5. New guy :)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone. This is my first time doing a post. I am currently in college and am studying marine biology. I have a 20g freshwater tank up here with a red belly piranha in it. I am going to sell back the piranha once he reaches a size that is not appropriate with the size of my tank. I am...
  6. How to breed Discus

    Fish Breeding
    So to all those who have watched my experience of breeding angelfish and watched month by month as they grew I am happy to let you all know my gorgeous blue cobalt discus are about to spawn alot of shimmering , an pecking at there pot been feeding them blood worms alot this will be my first time...
  7. Please help!! Paraisites all over q/t tank?!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    So I am freaking out my blue cobalt female discus has been in her Q/T tank has had cloud eye so after days of doing salt n w/c not working I thought I would try what I used on my angels which is called Fungus Eliminator and it worked wonders! So i did a 80% w/c then added the medicaine and...
  8. Cloud eye?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    1. Please explain the problems with your fish/when and how they started I bought the fish from a guy that has many discus but not enough time to give them there proper care when he was bagging her he dropped her on to wood! I think thats when the white started or it was before that happened...
  9. discus is aggresive?

    hello there i have a problem with my discus! i bought him about a month ago and he has been doing fine until latley he was chasing my bolivian ram around and turning black and turning on his side? could you tell me what is going on? i was also planning to get another one to accompany it. its...
  10. New to Discus, PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hey, So i've been wanting to move onto discus keeping for a while now, and out of the blue someone messaged me about a swap from my tropical fish (oscars, parrots, angels etc.) and i jumped at the chance, i now have 9 discus in my 350l tank, with a few plecs and gourami's. I've made sure the...
  11. please help discus!!!!!!!!

    hi there, i recently purchased a discus to try it out and its been fine for about a week but now he is turning black and his eyes are indenting !!! what do i do?????????????????!!!!!
  12. discus vs angels!

    hello there i have a problem with picking my fish. the choice is a pair of discus or a pair of angels. i have neither had both my tank is 55 gallon well planted with guppies, harla rasboras, silvertips,odessa barbs kribs,bolivian rams could you give me suggestion on wich to get and which would...
  13. Discus 1 Eating Eggs From Discus 2

    Two Discus' in my 90gal appear to be BFFs. But one will lay eggs on the glass and then later on I catch the other one eating them. They are always hanging out together so I don't understand why the other one would be so mean. I don't know if the other one is male or female. Any ideas?
  14. Joining the world of Discus

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    So I been thinking about it for a VERY long time about getting discus I looked in the search for information about them like what should there ph level be at a LFS said 5.4-6.2 what should the temp be at ? soft or hard water how much lighting , heavily planted tank or? how many to start out...
  15. Discus Tending It's Eggs

    One of my Discus apparently laid eggs and is now tending them. I can see it fanning them and then (at 25 seconds in the video) it goes vertical. Is it trying to lay more eggs or is this the male and he's trying to fertilize them? Any insight is appreciated, I would love to have little discus...
  16. Discus in a 10 gallon? TEMPORARILY

    Recently I saw some discus in my local pet store and fell in love with them! They are only about 2"-3", and cluster around the front of the glass to look at you. They are on sale, and I don't think the store has them very often. Would it be all right to put them in a 10 gallon for now, then move...
  17. Breeding temperatures for DISCUS

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi... I have a breeding pair of discus and I am looking for information on the temperature of their tank while breeding. Specifically I am looking for the temperature range to keep them safe, actively spawning and fry safety, etc. If anyone has any SOLID light to shed on this topic please...