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  1. Sick Dalmatian Molly

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Basically my dalmatian molly has been sick for a few weeks now, but is still interested in food. Please read below for further details. Thanks! Water parameters Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 5.0ppm pH: 7.2 KH and GH: Unknown Test kit: API Freshwater Master Test Kit Temperature...
  2. Two female Dalmatian Mollies! Pregnant or just FAT Please let me know!

    Fish Breeding
    I just bought these two ladies and I have no idea if they are pregnant or just fat. Please let me know! sorry these aren't the best pictures, these girls like roaming. :-P also I have no idea why these turned sideways, sorry!
  3. Just bought two female dalmatian mollies not sure if fat or pregnant! Help please!!

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    So I bought some mollies, they are a little on the plump side so I don't know if they are pregnant or just fat. Input is appreciated!:-) Sorry that the pictures are not the best (also I have no idea why they turned), It's kinda hard to take pics of these little fellas.
  4. Pregnant Dalmatian Molly HELP PLEASE?!

    Fish Breeding
    I've got a female and a male Dalmatian Molly, they've mated but I'm not sure how long it'll be before she has the Fry! She's really big and acting strange so I've put her in the breeding tank!! How long will it be before she has them?
  5. Is my dalmation fish pregnant?

    Whats up fish Experts. I have a quick and easy question for you. If you could please elaborate further after giving me the YES/NO answer to my question, that would be absolutely fantastic. I had an All White Dalmatian Mollie (female) and a Black with Black Spots Dalmation (male). Female...