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  1. Fresh water plants dying - why?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello all! I have a 500 liter planted aquarium (L150 x W50 x H72). It has been running for 6 months now and my plants have started to die. The first to go was java moss. I couldn't get it to grow at all. Next my japanese moss balls disappeared. Elodea is nearly gone and so are some other...
  2. I can't get my canister filter working right

    Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    I'm new to this whole canister filter thing and personally it's been such a horrid experience I hate them. I was given a used Eheim professional 2 that had only been used for a few months. I was given no instructions and have basically just gone off what I've found on the Internet. I've had one...
  3. Need help calming down my Tetra Whisper Filter!

    Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    Hello to all and happy Friday! 8-) I was messing with my tank today and got to thinking about my filter. It's a tetra whisper 10-30i in a 10 gallon. I got it a month back and figured it would be good for me because it's rated for a 10 to a 30 gallon AND if I ever decide to get a larger tank, I...
  4. HOB or Canister for 20g?

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    I have a 20 gallon tall tank and I am planning on building a stand for it this weekend. The stand will be made to accomodate the filter so I would like to know what kind of filter would be best for my tank before I build the stand. This will be a heavily planted tank with some tetras and a...