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  1. My juwel lido 200

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Not sure where to post this so if its in the wrong place would a mod move it to the correct place :) Just thought i would show my little lido 200 :) If this is slightly blurry,how do i correct this as i tried to correct pics before but never worked. Thanks graham
  2. Cube Sump Build

    Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    I've been wanting to build a custom sump for awhile now. I have a sump that came with my CADLights cube, but it really didn't have enough space for a big skimmer or anything. So, I'm building this bad boy for a bigger skimmer, and just have the extra space for reactors and such. Plus, an extra 5...
  3. Sump Design for Cube

    Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    So I decided to make my own sump out of acrylic instead of having one a custom one built by Trigger Systems. They quoted me 380 and that is just beyond my limit. I researched on how to glue acrylic and I'm willing to take the plunge to make my own. I drew up a rough scetch on Paint to get the...
  4. Cad-Lights 50G Artisan Rimless Starphire Cube Build!

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    Well finally I got my tank. This is where the fun begins I got a CAD 50G Artisan from here in SoCal, where CADLights is located. I so far have the tank up and running with all the plumbing and everything. I'm just running the system with freshwater for now to check for any leaks in plumbing...
  5. 5 gallon cube

    DIY Aquarium
    so i am planning on making a 5 gallon cube tank out of 1/8th inch glass.also i want to make a stand out of wood and a hood that uses CF lighting.any and all help will be greatly appreatiated.