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crushed coral

  1. How Much Crushed Coral

    I have a 125g with Africans and my filter is an FX5. Everything is in tip top shape except for the water is pretty soft(GH: 6, KH:4) and my ph could be a bit higher(it's at 7.6). I bought some Caribsea Curshed Coral and have read that you can put some in the filter with pantyhose. How much...
  2. Some advice on raising the water hardness in my new aquarium

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Greetings all, I recently moved to a new apartment and just set up a new aquarium that i plan on using for African Cichlids, everything is perfect for them, except i have the softest water imaginable. I went out and bought some crushed coral and put it at the bottom of the filter behind the...
  3. crushed coral/ nitrates and nitrites

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    i set up my 26 gal FW tank about 4 months ago and everything had been going awesome. i have 4 mollies, 6 tetras, a pleco and a snail. i'm running a marineland hang on tank canister filter rated for a 55. i've also got 6 live plants- 4 amazon swords, an umbrella plant, and some kind of shrub...