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  1. Catfish
    Hey! So I recently got some fish for my newly cycled 90gal tank however i’ve noticed something odd about the three adult albino cories I bought (the other 5 are babies and look perfectly normal) All three of them are missing some barbels with one of them only having one or two left. One of them...
  2. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hi all, Just wanted to send out a quick PSA - if you're getting cholla wood for your aquarium, make sure that the holes in the wood are big enough for any fish to swim through! One of my corys got caught sometime yesterday and I spent about an hour trying to carefully remove the wood around him...
  3. Catfish
    So, i want to get some sort of fish that is a bottom dweller for my 29 gallon. the question is, should i get cories or zebra/kuhli loaches? I really like both, but would the loaches hurt my 2 african dwarf frogs? Any feedback is welcome, thanks!:-D
  4. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I recently acquired a 97 litre tank, in which I am planning to stock once set up and needed some opinions on certain fish I was thinking of introducing, as different sites say different things. It will be fairly well planted and is a long, rather than tall tank. These are some of my ideas - -4...
  5. Fish Breeding
    I am going to be breeding live bearers and I was wondering if it is ok to keep plecos, Cory catfish, and or snails with live bearer fry to eat scraps, clean, exc. Thanks!! :-D
  6. Tropical Fish Diseases
    After treating my aquarium with Titra Lifeguard for 7 days and raising the temperature to 86 degrees for 10 days, one of my fish has Ich again just one week after stopping treatment. I have several live plants, 1 corydoras catfish, 13 cardinal tetras, and 1 baby platty. I already have 1...
1-6 of 6 Results