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corydora catfish

  1. Stocking a 10 gallon tank - mollies, cory cats, and shrimp?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello! I'm planning my first 10 gallon freshwater tank, and I've decided I'd like to try to keep a few mollies. I'm new to fishkeeping, so thank you in advance for your guidance! My plan so far: 2 short-finned mollies (both female) 3-4 cory cats (pygmy maybe, to lower the bioload?) 3 amano...
  2. I know nothing of Bronze Corydora!

    I found out a few days into getting new plants for my tank I received 3 Bronze Corydora hitchhikers. I've only kept barbs til this point, and now I'm completely stumped for how to care for these three little corys. ANY advice is welcome advice!
  3. Panda Cory- will he school with peppered cories?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi All, I have 4 cory catfish in my tank right now. 3 of them are peppered cories, 1 panda cory. I'm wondering if, in other's experiences, the peppered cories will "adopt" my panda into their group, and if my panda will be content to swim with them. All 4 of my cats are great- the 3...
  4. Cory Eggs

    So last week, I posted in the aquarium section that all of my guppies were dying off and I thought it was due to high nitrates. My hubby figured out that with the huge mass of java moss in there, it was sucking up all the oxygen and the fish were dying of hypoxia. The fry survived because theyre...