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cory catfish

  1. Help! corydoras habrosus traumatized by filter

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello guys. I've had fish for years but usually neon tetras or guppies. I used to have a pleco but he got big (never believe petco) and started to eat my other fish, so I didn't want to go through that again. This time around I wanted to try cory catfish. Since I only have a 10 gallon I thought...
  2. Does my false julii need to be kept in a school?

    Hey everyone, I just recently bought a false julii catfish and introduced him (her?) into my tank. He's behaving pretty normally, but I read on a few aquarium sites that they are a schooling fish. Is it necessary to purchase more, and if so, how many? I have 1 pearl gourami, 1 dwarf gourami...
  3. Treat tank for Ich - before or after adding new fish?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi all, I'm fairly sure my tank has Ich (little white spots on my cories, look like they rolled in salt, and their fins are tattered. No flashing, though). I haven't finished stocking my aquarium (a month or two old, fully cycled and planted), but was planning on getting two honey gouramis...
  4. Do Cory fins grow back?

    Today I rescued a tiny cory from a tank full of serpae tetra in the fish store. He was all alone and getting picked on. His tail fin is bitten in half along with his dorsal fin. He seems lively enough trying to follow the other cories in the tank, but he swims a little funny. I was wondering if...
  5. Corydoras aeneus (Bronze/Green/Albino)in 10 Gallon? Getting conflicting information.

    I've been reading about corys and have decided I want some for my 10 gallon tank, with the possibility of a betta tankmate. I've not decided yet, however, on the type of cory I want. I was looking at the dwarf, pygmy and Salt & Pepper corys, but stumbled upon a care sheet for the Bronze Cory. I...
  6. 2 Beautiful Nearly Full-Grown Sterbai Cories for only $2.49 Each!

    I think I got really lucky with these guys. I've seen Sterbai Cories sold at other places for nearly $15 and they are usually tiny! I happened to be looking around at fish at my local Petco when I spotted these guys in an unlabeled tank at the end. I was shocked to see these guys so big. They...
  7. Cories and Otos dying.

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I have a 55 gallon community tank with gravel substrate. In the past couple of weeks almost all of my otos and cories have died. The water params are normal and all of my other fish are fine. At first I was wondering if it had something to do with the substrate. The cories are always down...
  8. Ich Treatment Options and Prevention

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I have a 20 gal tank with 2 corydoras; 1 pleco; 4 neon tetras; 4 platies. I have religiously cleaned and changed 25%-35% water weekly. The water tests usually are very good except I have hard water and the pH is about 7.6-7.8. The aquarium is planted has been well established for 3 months...
  9. Thinking potential Corys

    Alright everyone, so here's the scoop. Right now I have a 20 gal long tank stocked with my chosen cycling fish; four regular Zebra Danios. So far they've all survived for a little more then a week without any obvious problems. As far as I can tell, at the moment they are all perfectly happy...
  10. pygmy cories :D

    okay so i was at my lfs the other day and i noticed that they had pygmy cories... and i like freaked out cause i never saw them before... i was really tempted to buy some but they were to small.. like i know they're pygmy and all but the were like less then a cm big :P i was wondering if i could...
  11. Not exactly disease

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Ok so, heres the deal I cant keep my fish anymore cuz my mom wont let me so. and giving them away is out of the question unless someone lives near birmingham alabama and wants two emerald corys and one dwarf gourami. but if no one wants them, then, ive got a pond near my house and my mom wants...
  12. Help with stocking 10 gallon tank.

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi there, So I currently have a 10 gallon planted low tech excel dosed tank. I have a large java fern plant, good healthy bunch of Wisteria and a good healthy bunch Cabomba. The tank is filtered and heated (about 76 degrees) I had 1 betta as my feature fish, and a small family of pygmy cory...
  13. neon tetra losing color in tails, suspicious spot on swordtail head

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    So we've noticed that some of our neon tetras have been getting very bloated and mis-shapen after feeding. One swims head down and swims aimlessly till his belly gets smaller. One swims alone in the corner. They just don't act normal, but then again, we've never owned neons before! My main...
  14. Pygmy Cory help?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi, today I went to my LFS to get some white cloud minnows for my 5 gallon I plan to add a betta to later. The WCM were in a tank with pygmy cories, and one of them got caught in the net with the WCM and into the bag, so they let me keep him for free. Will he be ok in my tank? I read that they...
  15. Pest Snails out of control in Planted tank

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Question or Problem: My 10 gallon is doing great with lots of live plants! HOWEVER! I have a parasite snail problem! when I bought some new plants a month ago I had hitchhiker snails on them I did not know about, ugh! I just used some had a snail for a few days, followed instructions 1...
  16. Found my Rubber-lip pleco pleco dead today :(

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    So at feeding time this evening, I saw my rubber-lip pleco in the front of the tank and was surprised! I thought he finally is starting to venture out in the tank. Then I saw another fish bump into him and he didn't move... Admittedly, there were a lot of changes made to the tank. I got him...
  17. surprise Cory Fry...what now?

    Fish Breeding
    I've had my Cats for about a year and they have been very affectionate from the very beginning. They have spawned 5 times but the eggs always end up being eaten by my cats or they literally rot...the eggs get "furry" within about 4 days of being laid and my tank gets polluted. So about 4 - 6...
  18. Corys okay with goldfish?

    I have 2 gold fish (black moor and shubunkin) and have always loved catfish :^) Are corys good tank mates for goldfish? Please reply, my tank seems a huge space with only 2 fish in :(
  19. What bottom feeder should I get?

    Right now I have a ten gallon set up with a heater, filter and live plants only with sand. In the tank is a male betta and my mystery snail. I want to get a bottom feeder because the tank has a tendency of getting cloudy due to the algae wafers I feed my snail. (I know ppl say you don't have to...