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  1. Nano Reef
    Hey guys. I've had my 46g reef set up for about 3 months now. Doing fantastic, my green star polyps and toadstool have shown growth. I have coralline growing on the glass and just bought a blue mushroom and a red montipora about an hour ago. At this point I'm moving into the more expensive...
  2. Saltwater Fish
    So I just went to an LFS today and landed an eye on this beauty. When I went to go ask one of the workers there "how much for the frostbite?". He looked puzzled and pointed to a toadstool and asked if that's the one I| So I said no that's a toadstool I wanted to know how much...
  3. Nano Reef
    Just checked out VIP Reefs and found these awsome gems!
  4. Saltwater Fish
    Hello all!!!:-D So I have completly revamped my system not only in water volume but also in the hardware department as well! here is a link to my old system to compare Setup Additions: Display: ADA 18...
  5. Saltwater Fish
    6 Gallon Cylendrical tank with 10 gal sump/fuge Mates: 2x Ocellaris 3x Blue-legged hermit crabs 2x Astraea snails 1x Margaritta snail Reef-Safe astrena starfish Corals: Spaghetti Hammer Birdsnest Pocillopora Damicornis GSP Toadstool Various Mushrooms Setup: Display: diy led 2x nano hydor...
  6. Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    I'm looking to start a reef tank and grow SPS coral. I would like to use T5 HO lights as opposed to metal halides. First off, is this feasible? What kind of set-up would I need for 24" deep 48” wide 120 gallon tank? How many watts? How many bulbs? What colour temps? Any information or...
  7. Beginner Planted Aquarium
    My parents recently came home from Aruba, and came home with some coral that they found on the beach. Is there anything I can do to the coral to make it safe for my freshwater tank? I've already boiled it once and plan to do it twice more. Anything else? What will adding coral do to the water...
  8. TFK Other Countries Classifieds
    Fully loaded aquarium for sale in Lakewood, CA. Asking $500 OBO Cash Only.
  9. Saltwater Journals
    So far, so good! My long tentacle that refuses to plant himself: My bubble coral... can't believe how much he's grown! He was tiny when I got him: My feather duster: And my black ocellaris clowns... I <3 my emo Nemos: Sorry for the dirty glass and fuzzy pics (crappy camera)
  10. Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    i have a 55 gallon reef tank and i have some power compacts that have 230 watts. is that enough for lps? in the future i want sps too. would that be enough for them too? or would i need to upgrade for them? thanks
  11. Coral and Reef Creatures
    i was at my LFS and the owner gave me a deal for 2 toadstool corals for 45 bucks :-D. so i bought them, well the problem is that they are on the same rock, and i need to remove one because i only want one of them and i want to sell the other to a buddy. but how do i remove them? is there any...
  12. Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    i am pretty new to saltwater tanks and ive been really wanting to get/start one soon. i want to get a large tank... like a 120-150 gallon one. i have the time, and patience, which is why i want to figure everything out before i start. my question is. i like coral/live-rock/reef tanks, my fiance...
  13. Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    What would be good low cost lighting for a 55 gal tank with mostly soft corals and some lps? thanks!
  14. Coral and Reef Creatures
    Hi all, I have just purchased a couple of corals from a friend who is shutting down her tank but I dont know entirely what they are im having a huge job tracking one in particular down on the net anywhere. One is two finger corals growing on the same piece of rock but both are different and im...
  15. Coral and Reef Creatures
    29 gallon biocube, Set up about a month, I have had many successful SW tanks and this is my 4th one. 2 normal clown fish, royal gramma, blue damsel, and a few sand sifting snails. Just added a couple mushroom corals to the tank and one was loose and still getting used to the tank and I saw one...
  16. Coral and Reef Creatures
    First off, this is my first saltwater tank, although I have 6 months experience in the freshwater hobby. I'm probably going to get a 30-gallon saltwater tank. It's going to have 30 lbs. of live rock. It's also going to have 2 ocellaris clown fish, 1 green clown goby, and 1 firefish. I would like...
1-16 of 18 Results