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  1. Saltwater Fish
    I have two snowflake eels, two domino damsels, one coral beauty, and one pearl scale butterfly fish can all of these fish go in a tank with a anemone. I also am thinking about getting a dwarf lionfish
  2. Saltwater Fish
    hello i would like to know compatibility of these two fishes, angelfish Golden angelfish and Coral Beauty angelfish. cause i really would like to get both of them in my 130gallon tank. i currently have these fishes in my tank.i have some lps corals but i have never ever seen my coral beauty...
  3. Saltwater Fish Diseases
    Last night my coral beauty became lodged in a piece of live rock. After getting him free I noticed he was missing a few scales. This morning the scales looked loose and now a white film has covered the area. What could this be and what can I do? He has been moved to a qt.
1-3 of 3 Results