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  1. new tank setup- T8 confusion

    Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    here is what i have going. found a 55 gallon tank( 48x21x12 ish) and nice stand at a garage sale for 25 bucks. built a homemade hood one piece with a 3 in. devider in center. made sliding glass access for ea. side. could put one 48 in. twin bulb. or two 24 in. twin bulb fixture. lowes has...
  2. my 110gallon oscar community tank

    Hi everyone I have a few questions about my 110gallon fresh water setup. I was told and know I am overstocked and hopefully within 6 months will have a 240gallon tank when I move. I Have 2) albino tiger oscars,2) black/red oscars,2)Black convicts,1)Neon Jewel cichlid, 1)Striped raphael...
  3. Do my fish have parasites?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hey everyone, first poster here. Not sure if fish are sick. I appreciate anyone who can help. Any questions, please let me know. Please see below: 1. What is the size of your tank? 36 gallon 2. What are your water parameters? State the brand of test kit used. Brought water into Petco...
  4. How to breed convicts

    Hi i am getting a 29 gallon tank soon i think and wanted to try breeding convict cichlids, how many pairs can i keep in the 29, how to i breed them, and how do i tell the sex of them? pictures would be helpful:) thanks
  5. South American Cichlid aggression

    Hi i have a 55 gallon tank with 2 convict 4in, 1 green terror 4in, 1 jack dempsey 4in, and 1 common pleco 2in. My convicts rule the tank and are good buddys it looks like, they are both males along with all my other cichlids, I do not have a really severe aggression problem in the tank just that...
  6. Convict Cichlids Strange Behaviour

    I brought a lovely breeding pair of convicts, fully grown, not to old as there is no hump on the male, very attatched to each other... i have a 40 gallon tank, 2 convicts, 5 tetras Will be upgrading the tank in the new year. my main reason for posting is, everytime i go near the tank, the...
  7. Is this tank overstocked? could I add angelfish?

    I posted a question on yahoo answers about whether I could put angelfish in a tank with some other cichlids i have and people were yelling at me about how overstocked it is in the tank. I personally didn't think it was a problem but here's whats in the tank: the tank is a 30 gallon. filtered...
  8. My Cichlids ... Eggs?

    Oh my gosh I think these are eggs! Does anyone else see eggs in my pictures? The rocks were smooth when I put them in there, I know they didn't look like this. Please any information would be helpful!
  9. Help with Convicts!

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hey i have a 20g tank with one convict cichlid who is about 2-3 inches. I had 2 other convicts in there but one was killed and i had to separate the other they were a little smaller than the bigger one. i was just wondering if there are any other fish i could put in there with him that he...
  10. What kind of cichlid is this?

    What kind of cichlid is this? I think he is awesome but he has bred with another cichlid but they are very different! Took this male in for a friend since she didn't want to just get rid of him. Two days later I notice my female isn't eating and isn't coming out of our hollow ship, then about a...