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  1. Texas-Convicts mating?

    Hi guys! I'm new to the forum and I'm very curious to see what you guys think is going on here. I have had 5 texas convicts all born from a friend of mine, and I have slowly had relocated 3 of them due to aggression, these are the 2 I kept and have had them only for about a year. Lately, they...
  2. What is this?!?

    I have a dwarf balloon cichlid, who recently developed a bump on its head. I believe it also just had eggs with my convict cichlid. It seems strange, but those are the only two cichlids I have, and the convict is DEFINITELY guarding a clutch of eggs. I don't know if the bump is something...
  3. New 30 gallon. Looking for advice

    This is my 1st post hi everyone. I have a 30 gallon that I am raring to get started. First of all the measurements are 30 1/4in long x 12 1/2in wide x 18 3/4in tall. That is all I have right now so I'm looking for advise on everything, which filters, heaters, sand or rocks for example. I am...
  4. Help Identify this Infection On My Convict!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I noticed this parasite/infection about three days ago and has progressively worsened. I have looked every on the web for a diagnosis and couldn't:-( find any information. Please help me identify this infection so I can apply a treatment ASAP!
  5. Where should I put you????

    Hey there!! I have a convict that has outgrew her previous tank, and I was wondering what to do with her! Like I have a 55 gallon community do anyone think she'll be okay in there? Or will she go on a massacre? And if not idk what to do with her!!! Does anyone know what I should do? Thanks for...
  6. Possible convict/blood parrot hybrid ?

    hi all. three months ago i bougt a baby blood parrot. he was black when i bought him but now he is a grayish color with blakc stripes and yellow around his gills. i am wondering if it is possible that he is a convict and blood parrot hybrid, or if this is normal coloring for a baby blood parrot...