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  1. New member

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi! I am a new member but i cant quite figure out how to ask things like in yahoo answers where i can ask something and someone respond? Help and advise would be great thanks :smile2:
  2. Help me figure out the perfect tropical freshwater community!

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hi Everyone! Short previously to moving to college (4+ years ago), I had a 55 gallon cold freshwater tank which unfortunately was destroyed in a house fire. Lately I've been missing it a lot and considering getting a 75 gallon and moving into tropical fish. I was doing a lot of...
  3. What to add to a community tank of largely characins

    Hello! I have been all over the internet doing research, so now I am weighing in on a forum where people actually keep fish and should have some practical advice. Here is my 75 gallon freshwater (it just celebrated its 2 year birthday): 9 zebra danios 9 black widow tetras 6 serpae tetras 1...
  4. Stocking 40 gal breeder community tank

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I have a 40 gallon breeder tank (36L x 18W x 17H) and am looking to create a peaceful tropical community tank. The tank is completely cycled, but has a higher pH that's usually between 7.4 and 7.6 due to aragonite in the substrate from my Malawi cichlids that used to be homed here along with...
  5. Update of my 55gal planted

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I was posting about this back in 2011, just putting up some new pics I decided to take while drinking my morning coffee and admiring fish :) So here they are! The 15-20 cherry barbs (and baby picture!), 13 harlequin rasboras, Cory, and blue dwarf gourami male! Pictures in next post :)
  6. Swapping filters between two tanks?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I have two well established tanks right now. One is a 20L community tank while the other is a 10 gallon that only has a male betta. I figured out recently that I am wasting filtration capacity with each of my filters. The community has a filter good for 10 gallons while the betta has a filter...
  7. Discus kept alone, with schooling fish?

    I'm starting up a 46-gallon and have plans to build a tropical community. I want a school of rasboras and a school of tetras, as well as a "centerpiece" fish. Would a discus do well in a community? Is it OK to keep one discus? pH is 7.8, and the tank will be cycled. Thank you!
  8. New stocking ideas for the 10g

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hey guys, I am trying to decide on some new fish for the 10g. After a year of my dwarf puffer and balloon Molly living together happily, the puffer died. I don't know why, he just suddenly stopped eying good and got super emaciated. I think he may have had some sort of internal damage from...
  9. Small community Vivarium setup idea

    Vivariums and Reptiles
    Sometime in the distant future, I would love to tun my 10g into a vivarium, half water half land with live plants and such. My idea was to look something like this picture...but not near as nice and smaller lol, and the land would slope into the water, not be a sharp drop off. I would also like...
  10. 125G Tank Stocking (Severum, Clowns, Rainbows...)

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hey everyone. I'm working through my stocking list and making plans for a new tank. I currently have a 55G with my juvenile severums in it (Super Reds, under 1"). Keep in mind I am upgrading tanks to a 125g in the beginning of 2014, and all of the fish on the list will be purchased as juveniles...
  11. 120g Stocking Idea? Help!

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum, and am looking for a bit of advice :-D. Currently, I have a 55G tank stocked with 8 juvenile Super Red Severums (Under 1" big, don't panic), and 5 Syndontis petricolas (Also under 1"). My plan is to get all of my fish as young as I can and raise them together...
  12. 15 gallon Community Tank Journal

    Freshwater Journals
    15 Gallon Community Tank Go easy on me this is my first tank :-) Will add new photos as they come. Empty and awaiting fish.
  13. Restarting a 20g Planted Tank

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    So I am somewhat new here, made an account a year or so ago and then ended up never logging on... my bad lol. Anyway! I am thinking about restarting my 20g tall tank as a planted community tank! I have never done live plants before and I would appreciate any input or advice :) The only tank I...
  14. 15 gallon community video!

    Freshwater Journals
    Yesterday I went to my LFS and got some new fish for my 15 gallon tank. I didn't manage to take any photographs but today I made a short video so you can see how lovely everyone looks! Unfortunately my new baby pleco wouldn't come out for the camera. You can just catch a glimpse of him at 0:21...
  15. Mystery Killer, need a CSI team

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Greetings, I have an established 29g tank. It has been established for several months and recently my Zebra Danios keep getting picked off 1 by 1 with all other fish seemingly fine. They have been mysteriously dying about 1-2 weeks from each other 1 at a time. They show no signs or symptoms...
  16. 15 gallon stocking ideas, advice please :)

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    My 15 gallon tank is looking rather dull at the moment. I had to take out all the elodea because it wasn't thriving in the low light, and I'm waiting for the Java fern to grow sufficiently to make the tank look nice again (at the moment the planting is looking a bit sparse, so you can see all...
  17. how should i stock my 55 gallon?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    heres a few ideas of mine 55 gallon One comet goldfish 55 gallon 35 neon tetras 55 gallon 10 tiger barbs 1 rainbow shark 1 convict chiclid 55 gallon Black sand 12 rummynose tetras 12 cardinal or neons 12 corys two species 2 gbr 10 cherry shrimp 55 gallon Two electric blue jack dempseys 55...
  18. 20 & 55 Gallon Community Tanks

    Freshwater Journals
    Added some driftwood and fish to my 20 gallon, and a bubble wall to the 55 gallon. We're new to this hobby but we're really enjoying it. My 3 year old loves going to the fish store every weekend for fish and/or supplies.
  19. Questions about Cycling and choosing tankmates for pictus catfish

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi! I am cycling a 55 gallon tank. I added Tetra Aquasafe Plus, which I think is basically just to remove chlorine, and added some liquid bacteria from the LFS. How long should I cycle before I can bring some water for them to test and add some fish if it all checks out? One store told me two...
  20. Cycled 55gal long aquarium, planted. Info and opinions on fish choices?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    So I've been stalking this site for like a year and finally made an account! I have a 55 gal aquarium that's been up since June and had several black mollies, neons, and a 13in pleco in it. I say had because my mom did something to the filter and every fish died over the weekend, that was about...