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  1. Genetics of spotted color patterns and aggression in livebearers

    Hi everyone! My name is Tanja and I am a Ph.D Student at Florida International University. I am studying the genetics underlying why color and aggression are linked in livebearing fish, using eastern mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki). Melanin expression and aggression appears strongly linked...
  2. Blue Rams off color

    I bought some German Blue Rams online about two weeks ago. They seem very healthy and active. They're eating and are not behaving abnormally at all. However, they seem to be lacking color. They're still fairly small, but they're almost totally grey minus the fluorescent blue dots and black...
  3. Opaline Gourami shifts colors

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I've had an Opaline Gourami that's thrived in my tank for quite some time now. It's lived peacefully with other fish, and hasn't acted aggressive at all. Today I bought a Pink Kissing Gourami. They're both approximately the same size. Immediately upon adding the Pink Kissing Gourami to the...
  4. can different platys coexist?

    heello... Because i recently learned my tank is too small to fit swordtails, I've turned to platys. There are quite a few cool ones out there, but i cant decide on how many of each to put in. The fish in my 29 gallon tank are/will be 8-12 neon tetras, 1 bristlenose pleco, 2 kribs, and platys...
  5. Harlequin Rasboras: Color changing?

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hello, I have had my Harlequin Rasboras in my tank for a little more than a week now. They are coming along quite well, but I had a curiousity about the black stripe on their bodies. Before I put them into my tank, they had to go through a rainy, slippery and bumpy ride home in the car. When I...
  6. Yellow Tang looks 'Off'

    Saltwater Fish Diseases
    Hey guys, I'm new here and hoping I can get some help! I was kind thrown into this hobby by accident and I've fallen in love with it. Unfortunately, I still don't understand it I've had my tank set up for about 9 months now and my yellow tang has been acting funny. He's usually brilliant...
  7. Clownfish changing colors?

    Saltwater Fish
    Hi, I have 2 clownfish as part of my salt aquarium. They are (for lack of a better term because I can't remember the proper name) the nemo type, orange with 3 stripes. Recently I noticed that the last stripe on one of them has changed from it's brilliant white to a brown-grey color. I checked...
  8. Trouble with ram :( please help!!!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I know I'm not supposed to post duplicate questions, but I fear my fish is getting worse and in hopes of getting a quicker answer I'm going to break the rules. My female ram cichlid has lost basically all of her color except for a faint blue shimmer and a patchy black line along her sides. My...