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cold water

  1. Ancient Fish
    Here is my 55 gal Axolotl tank!! Mates: 1x Axolotl 8x Japanese Trapdoor snails 4x Chinese alage eaters Feeders: Ghost shrimp Guppies Rosey Red Minnows Goldfish Plants: 2X Red Mangroves 2x Sword 2X anuibas 2x octopus Duckweed Setup: 2x fluval HOB 50 2x 18" Zoomed Flora sun T8
  2. Beginner Planted Aquarium
    My hornwort melted in a couple days. I keep an avg. 80 degree tank & fertilize weekly. This was pre-betta. I had to discard the hornwort and do a near complete water change. I'm new to the planted aquarium so when I bought my plants I asked...