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  1. Beginner Planted Aquarium
    Hey ya'll. I was just wondering about any specific kits or combinations of pressurized CO2 "kit" parts. I know CO2Art could hardly ever go wrong so a regulator from them is probably what I could get. I was wondering what you guys use on your own tanks. For reference I have a 15 gallon tank...
  2. Beginner Planted Aquarium
    Okay so I have a 20 gallon tall planted, with a 65 watt bulb, my plants grow well, and I add liquid nutrients once a week after each water change. I really would like to invest in a co2 device but I'm not sure like which one to get and what not, I'm completely unknown to this equipment. I'm...
  3. Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    How difficult is it to maintain a live planted 55 and what equipment do I need, and how can I do it on the cheap?:-P
1-3 of 3 Results