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cleaning sand

  1. What can I add to my tank?

    I have a 15 gallon tank who's primary focus it to grow Wisteria to be later transfer to my 60 gallon tank. I have a few shrimp and mollies in there. I had to introduce otocinclus because the mollies poop is an eye sore on my substrate. I am using ultra fine white beach sand. What can I add to...
  2. Unplug Filter To Clean Tank?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    How long can I safely unplug my canister filter without killing all the beneficial bacteria? When I clean I first stir up the tank real good and use a Magnum HOT filter to clean up a lot of the floating debris. This seems to work better than just the canister filter alone. Any other suggestions...
  3. Sand Washing/Rinsing Tutorial

    Member Submitted Articles
    How to clean sand for your aquarium Items needed: 1. Bucket Preferably 5 gallon (i used a drink cooler with gallon marks) 2. Inert sand (I used play sand for this tut) 3. Garden hose ( you dont need the handle thing just a plain old hose will work) 4. Good amount of spare time Here is the...