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cichlid fry

  1. Astatotilapia Naneocolor

    Okay so I'm pretty rattled right now cause a few weeks ago I purchased a trio of these Victorian haps, and recently my female was holding so I stripped her about 10 fry and kept them in a guppy baby trap for a few days, so today I decided to clean the guppy trap and rid of bad water ect, so I...
  2. Baby eater :O

    I know it sounds kinda cruel but it's kinda true :$ Im gonna purchase a 55 gallon Mbuna tank and other Africans, but since this tank is generally Mbuna they can and most likly will breed. I personally don't have room for these babies!! But I'd keep some, maybee one or two of the nice ones! Or...
  3. Accidental Angel Fish Breeding

    Fish Breeding
    I work at a LFS, we do not take fish from individuals. One day a woman showed up with two beautiful Angel fish that she didn't want and begged someone to take them. I couldn't resist. I had a fully cycled 20 Long with 3 - 1 month old Platy fry. I figured the Angels would eat the fry and was okay...
  4. What kind of cichlid is this?

    What kind of cichlid is this? I think he is awesome but he has bred with another cichlid but they are very different! Took this male in for a friend since she didn't want to just get rid of him. Two days later I notice my female isn't eating and isn't coming out of our hollow ship, then about a...