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  1. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hello everyone i have a 65 gallon tank with 4 German blue rams and looking for cichlid options to stock it any recommendations?
  2. Cichlids
    So i need help, i posted in wrong place once already, i have 10 red jeweled cichlid in a 35 gallon tank, they are just stuck at this very pale grey orange color, a friend got same fish from same person, hers are same size as mine but beautiful deep red with dark tails, we started out the same...
  3. Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    Hello, My future brother-in-law brought me a 30 gallon tank with 50 convict cichlids. It came with a basic filter that hangs on the inside of the tank. I just bought a Marineland C220 canister filter because I read that these are good to have and it might clear up the murky water. It's all...
  4. Cichlids
    I have a community setup, but looking to make a transition to cichlids.. -FILTRATION: Currently have an emperor 280 and Aquaclear 70 HOB filters...calculates to about 10x turnover/hour. Pretty good, but I've heard many switch to canister filters with cichlids...?? Do they work better? Do i need...
1-4 of 5 Results