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  1. Beginner Planted Aquarium
    I have a 29 gallon tank. Recently had an UGF, removed that. Small gravel substrate, DIY Co2. 200tgph hob filter, and finnex ray II (strong light). I wanted to try a planted tank. I don't mind doing the co2 I think some of the plants need it. Problem is my ph is so low. I think it is about 6 or...
  2. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello! I have had several non planted tanks in the past and have now decided to set up my first planted tank. After much research I thougth I had everything planed out for a low light non co2 tank. My last decision was on using tap water or mixing it with RO water. I have researched PH and...
  3. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I've been using Jungle Start Right for removing chlorines and chloramines. However I have noticed that there are no ingredients labeled on the bottle. I found the MSDS on "Start Right" and it stated it was non-toxic but may emit Cl2 and NaO2 when exposed to high heat. Just what exactly are...
1-3 of 3 Results