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  1. Characins
    heey i have a55g with odessa barbs, rasbora(harlaquin),guppies,betta, bolivian rams,kribs,cories,plec im looking for a school of colorful tetras that will school and be peacful could you give me some advice? i really like black neons!!!
  2. Characins
    hello everyone, i just needed some help with fish in my tank. well actually thats the problem i dont have any, well i do and its a pair of kribs and a pair of bolivian rams and 6 cories 1 pleco and 6 guppies, i was looking to purchase like to different groups of characins or schooling fish. my...
  3. Characins
    NO! It is back! Let me explain...:cry: Awhile back, afew months after I started fish keeping (august 2010), I was faced with a huge problem. A strange diease no one on this forum was able to identify. It claimed the life of 5 Lemon Tetra, 2 Swordtails, and 1 Albino Corydoras. A diesase that I...
1-3 of 3 Results