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  1. Catfish
    I would like to know because when I go to the pet store to buy more I want to know what to ask for. I'm new to Cory's soo any pointers are welcome.
  2. Freshwater Journals
    im 17 new to the hobby but i am trying to goto college as a marine biologist major all of my fish are juveniles at the moment i think its a 30g looking to up grade to a 55 very shortly there is 4 angel fish 2 cat fish (unknown type) 3 tiger barbs and 1 place he never comes out of his hiding...
  3. Fish Breeding
    I've had my Cats for about a year and they have been very affectionate from the very beginning. They have spawned 5 times but the eggs always end up being eaten by my cats or they literally rot...the eggs get "furry" within about 4 days of being laid and my tank gets polluted. So about 4 - 6...
1-3 of 3 Results