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  1. DIY Aquarium
    Hi, We have a 60l birob at home with a few tropical fish. But now I'd like to build a bigger acrylic aquarium (for my 3 year old son).I did some research online, saw a few videos and it looks like a fun thing to do. I have scratched out the aquarium, see attachment. I was wondering if someone...
  2. DIY Aquarium
    Okay, so I haven't started yet. :p BUT My home depot has GREAT prices on 1/2 inch glass. I'm pretty sure I could afford it well enough. I'm thinking- 36x24x18 Which adds up to... 60 gallon? 65 gallon? Sheesh I thought I was good at math! Hmm. This is my first time building one so I guess...
1-2 of 2 Results