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  1. Help! Sick Cory has bubbles on it!

    I have a 26 Gallon aquarium with compatible fish and regulated water parameters, however overnight one of Cory catfish developed clear bubble like things where its dorsal fin meets its back as well as in between its back fins by its tail. Ive attached a picture and I really need some help to...
  2. Is this eggs?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I have 10 neon tetra and 1 betta, i added this fake plant about 1 weeks ago and 3 days ago I found these small bubbles on the leave is it eggs or just bubble? If it's eggs what should I do?
  3. Do guppies like water movement

    i read somewhere that guppies like water movement but i just established a 26 gallon and all I have in it are three red tuxedo guppies and when i turn on the bubble curtain i bought they all swim to the farthest possible corner and just sit there. When I turn the bubbles of they go back to...
  4. oscar with bubbles!?

    i just got home from work and my tiger oscar was swimming around with like a film of bubbles around the underneath of his body and some scuff marks. as i came up to the tank, he started swimming around and they came off. are they bad??? was he attacked? were they eggs? i have an albino oscar in...
  5. Bubbles at top while using ich remover. long thread

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Tank size:125 gallon (6inch x 20 x 18) pH: 7.5 th hardness: 80 ppm nitrite:0 are they suppose to be at 0 nitrate:0 Alkalinty: was between 0 and 80 ppm tank temp:80 f ph test kit, and strips Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): Angelfish is...
  6. "dust" in the water, high surface tension, bubbles

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    My 10 gallon aquarium has been set up 3 months ago, and originally been cycled with 2 zebra danios. It was going fine for a while, but after I added a 3rd ZD, I noticed these particles in the water and bubbles at the surface near the sides of the aquarium. This condition improved in a few weeks...
  7. New Noisy Filter

    Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    I just purchased a Bio Wheel filter for a new set up. It is a 350 model. It seems very loud. Lots of bubbling and burbling (if that's a word) noises. Is there a mod I can make to it to quiet that down without adversely affecting its performance? Should I have more water in the tank, (it is...
  8. weird bubble things on glass any one know what it is?

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    thhis morning i woke up and feed my fish and i see these white bubbles stuck to my glass, but they arent bubbles because they are stuck there some how, there is also some stringy, kinda snot looking stuff hanging from it. its about the whith of a fingernail, maybe a little wider and about...
  9. RSM 34G Skimmer Problem

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    Hi all - I have not posted much on the forum, but I do a lot of my research here. I have a question that I hope to get some insight on below: Tank - Red Sea Max 34G Problem - Bubbles coming out of return when protein skimmer is on Possible causes: Dosing with red slime remover Tank is ~ 3...
  10. Protein Skimmer not collecting

    Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    Hello, I just purchased a hang-on refugium with skimmer from CPR. Everything is working great, I have the collection cup lowered to the base of the collection area about an inch above the bottom of the cone, but the skimmer after 24 hours has not collected anything. I see the foam/bubbles...
  11. Fish nipping at rocks/plants after eating

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Greetings, I started my freshwater tank with a live cycle exactly 1 week ago. I bought the tank setup from a friend of mine who'd upgraded. When I bought the tank it had been running for about 2 months. However, when I brought it home, we drained all but about 1 inch of water from the...