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bristlenose pleco

  1. Bristlenose pelcos w/o bristles

    I have two bristlenose pelco ( one is calico one and the other is an albino longfin one) without bristles. Now I know one is a female and one is a male since I recent found two litters of babies both at most a month or younger.( difference sizes of the babies is the tell for me). So here the...
  2. My BN Pleco is sucking on my African Dwarf Frog

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    My husband and I just started keeping fish a few months ago, so we are pretty new at this, we have a 29 gallon rectangular Aqueon tank. Our tank started really well, all the fish seemed to get along fine. We started with 1 BN Pleco, 1 Panda Mollie, 1 Dalmatian Mollie, and 1 Marble Mollie. The...
  3. Peaceful fry eating fish?

    Soon i will be setting up and cycling my 55 gallon tank. Once the cycle is complete i'll be moving my bristlenose pleco, bulldog pleco, and kuhli loaches over. I want to add 6 panda corys, except i dont want them to breed. I know i could try and eye out the male from females but I dont have a...
  4. BN pleco babies

    Ok, so i was cleaning my tank and saw i had a little baby pleco on a piece of slate, looked into my pleco cave and saw many more, at least 30. I was not trying to breed them but was not surprised that they did. I was wondering though if i can leave them be. They are currently in a 26 gallon flat...
  5. Bristlenose Pleco

    Hey Im new to the forum, I keep having this issue with my PN plecos. I've been searching everywhere trying to figure this out and can not find any info on how to treat it. Im worried that this is going to harm my other fish. this is the third pleco to have this similar issue. I have a 100...
  6. Buying new fish

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    So after plenty of research, I've decided I would like to add a dwarf gourami and a bristlenose pleco to my 29 gallon tank. My tank currently only has about 6 guppies (2 males 4 females) so my question is can I buy both of this fish at the same time? do you think the store will put them in the...
  7. New Bristlenose Plecos! questions on feeding?

    i just got two new albino bristlenose plecos today! they are currently being acclimated to the temperature in their new tank. :) i know a lot of people feed them steamed zucchinis and that they like to eat algae, but what else do they like to eat? how often should i feed them and how much?
  8. BN plecos Eating Sand?

    Hi all, So last week I added some live plants to my gravel-substrate tank, and they kept coming unburied and floating up to the surface. To solve this problem I added some sand to the substrate and secured the plants. Within 2 days, I noticed my albino bn pleco, whom i've had since she was...
  9. Best food for a pleco...

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I currently have a BN pleco and a RN pleco, and what ive been feeding them is the Hikari Algae Wafers. Both plecos are currently in a ten gallon,[QT tank] and recieve one wafer, broken up, in a ceramic dish every night. The Bristle nose is alot more outgoing than the rubber nose, and swims...
  10. high temps in tanks

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    it's summer time, and my third floor appartment gets upwards of 90 degrees during the day when we are out.. (it was good in the winter when we had a tiny heating bill :-) ) Sooo.. i have 2 tropical tanks, a 15 gallon with some glofish, and tetras and a snail, and a 29 gallon with 2 jewels and 5...
  11. Mollies with a pleco?

    Hi everyone, I'm curious as to how you are keeping your mollies. Some sites told me they need hard, alkaline water, while others said they really will get used to any water conditions and the pH doesn't so much mater so long as it isn't extreme. We just got two mollies to put in our 10g with a...
  12. Bn morphs ?

    Okay so I have three BN Plecos, I'm wondering if there is different kinds/morphs, one is albino, another was sold as spotted BN and the last one was sold as a normal. Are they just the same species? Will they be able to breed? And if they breed will the babies be fine? Thanks for all help :)
  13. BN friends?

    Okay so I have a 55 gallon with one albino BN Pleco, and I was wondering if I can add some other kinds of Plecos with him? Like a clown or Green phantom. It's currently on a tank with some cichlids and is about juvenile, like 3 1/2 inches. But if different species is incompatible, should I get...
  14. Any suggestions of alage eaters???

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Well.. I have a 50 gallon tank with a bgkf 2 angelfishes and one siamese algae eater, and i need another algae eater, but i cant choose which kind!! im thinking about a BN pleco, but im afraid that the siamese will bully him... can someone help?? THANKS!