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  1. breeding traps for mollies?

    i have read and heard all different things saying that you should not use a breeding trap for a mollie and i was just wondering if that is true or not because i had a mollie give birth for the first time and i did not know and was also not home so i got home and i put the babies in a breeding...
  2. Pregnant Guppy Distressed?

    Fish Breeding
    Hey there everybody! First-time breeder here. I have four guppies, two female and two male, along with two ghost shrimp and a blue lobster. One of my females has been pregnant for weeks, and I feel she is on the brink of giving birth soon. I know because she's "boxing" and her gravid pod is...
  3. Pregnant sunburst platy

    Fish Breeding
    So, both of my female sunburst platies are pregnant, but only one is in the breeding trap right now. I was just wondering how far along she might be... and when I should expect fry? Also, what's the max amount of time you can keep a platy in a breeding trap for? Here's a video of her... sorry...