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  1. Characins
    Hi, I am new to keeping neon tetra, and i usually only keep guppies. recently, I added some cories and 5 neon tetras to my community tank I noticed that one of them seemed to be having a bulging belly I thought it was pregnant and decided to give it a few more days and slowly i started...
  2. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi everyone, I currently have 3 male guppies in my 36-gal tank. One guppy is perfectly healthy. The silver one has stayed at the bottom of the tank since yesterday. He's still eating though. His body & tail are darkening as you can see in the pic My other yellow guppy has been at the top of...
  3. Livebearers
    Ok I have a molly whom we just learned had two babies (we found the babies yesterday evening swimming and eating) but got home this afternoon and the molly is completely bloated on her side at the top of the tank.. It looks like something is trying to emerge from where the babies should come...
1-3 of 4 Results