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  1. Female angelfish w/ severe bloat

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I got two angels (male and female pair) from a LFS that had them for about a week in a quarantine tank but not treating for anything. They assumed they would die. The female has an enormous belly. No worms coming out and not sure if she is eggbound, have never seen a case of that look like...
  2. Cichlid Bloat

    Its been to long since I realized what happened to my cichlid, I should have took it into more concern when I saw color drained from her, and instead I changed her food and thought it would help. Then a week later she suddenly inflated tripling her size, I was to much of a fool to buy her...
  3. Angelfish bloated and not eating

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi, My angelfish that I have had for 1.5 years has not been eating for 2 days. I wasn't too concerned, as he often doesn't, but yesterday I noticed was isolated in the corner of the tank. Today he is floating around listlessly and appears to be having difficulty maintaining a vertical plane...
  4. neon tetra losing color in tails, suspicious spot on swordtail head

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    So we've noticed that some of our neon tetras have been getting very bloated and mis-shapen after feeding. One swims head down and swims aimlessly till his belly gets smaller. One swims alone in the corner. They just don't act normal, but then again, we've never owned neons before! My main...