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  1. New guppy just got

    Do you think he's cute? He's jet black, with sky blue fins (can't tell in this pic) and a bit of blue on his face and the yellow on his tail.
  2. Shy fish... really shy... what can i do for it??!

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I got a black ghost knife fish in my 50 gallon tank with a sailfin pleco and an angelfish... the tank has a plant and many caves for the bgkf to go in, but it is all day and all night in this cave.. i have tried to make the environment more familiar to it, but there is no good result... :/...
  3. my cichlid has black spots

    My fish has these black spots on him and i don't really know what it is PLEASE HELP:-(:-(:-(:-(:-( HERE IS A PIC
  4. Endlers Livebearer available for sale

    TFK Other Countries Classifieds
    I have a few extra pure strain "Black Bar" Endlers. Endlers are very active and extremely hardy & tolerant of varying water conditions. Contact / Info: * Adult males & females available @ $5 each * This strain has the brightest coloration I've seen as compared to national & local sellers...
  5. Black ghost knife fish missing stripe?

    Ancient Fish
    I have two black ghost knife fish and was looking into breeding them. I found one site that said you could sex them by the way their stripe fades near the tail. Well, I just went over to my aquarium to try, and noticed they don't have a stripe! Neither one has a stripe going along their backs...
  6. Sunburst Platty turning black and after birth water is cloudy is this stuff normal?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello and thanks for you time. I have a female Sunburst Platy. I have had her for about a year. She is turning black. I also noticed when my fish have babies, (guppies and platies) the water gets cloudy is this normal? 1. Size of aquarium (# of gallons) 29 gal 2. Is your aquarium setup...