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  1. A guppy having babies ( orchid endler )

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    This amazing high definition video takes an up close look at the miracle of birth. You will see a gravid female guppy ( technically it's a female Orchid Endler ) giving birth to her 37 babies. There is lots of information, supported by video clips, that I am sure will amaze even the most jaded...
  2. Platy pregnacy and fry survival aid - advice needed

    My sunset fire platy surprised me by giving birth right before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the fry was eaten by one of my other fish. This was on Wednesday night or Thursday morning, though I can't remember which. No other babies were visible, granted I was gone most of the weekend. When I...
  3. balloon molly babies!

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    my balloon molly just had abot 25 tiny babies, i am so excited! so, I am keeping them in a 2 quart container, floating on top of the water in my 10 gallon tank. I don't have another tank. will this be ok until they are big enough to put in the main tank?Also, i put some plants in there for...
  4. Pregnant Guppy Help (Video)

    Hi guys I know there are a lot of questions about this and I have read most of the discussions about it. I am sorry for the repeat but I am still having trouble telling. I bought a female guppy from the fish store and I know she is pregnant and I thought she would have given birth by now...
  5. Will my platy still give birth to a fry?

    Hi everyone, I have some doubts regarding birth cycle of my panda platy but before that i will give you a brief of my tank. I have a 10g tank. In that I have 2 panda platy, 1 zebra danio, 1 algea eater. Tank is full step up with heater, filter, thermometer, light, artificial plants and one...
  6. How to tell when a Ballon molly with give birth??

    Hi Guys, Just looking for a bit of advice about ballon molly's and apart from the usual about the anal fin dark spot, how can i tell when she is about to give birth. I have been looking into it quite a bit for a few days and although the most common is the answer my molly does not seem to have...
  7. How big do molly/guppy fry need to be to leave fry tank?

    Fry Tank Vid 1 - YouTube Fry Tank vid 2 - YouTube I have one dalmatian molly and two guppy fry in my fry tank. They are 21 a and 20 days old. Im not quite ready to move them in with the adults, they arent big enough for that! But i was wondering how big they would have to be to be completely...
  8. Guppy/Molly giving birth, need some help and questions answered!

    So, I had three female mollies, and two female guppies. One of them is giving birth! I have no idea who, but Ive been sitting in front of my tank trying to watch all of them, and I just cant figure it out! I netted two, and put them in my 2.5, and I saw three get eaten by my ghost shrimp. [im...