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  1. Are my plants pearling?

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    Hi guys! Are my plants pearling? These last 3 days, I noticed tiny little bubbles under the leaves of my java fern and anubias. This usually happens in the evening (5-8pm). One by one these bubbles eventually float towards the surface, especially when my betta plays under the leaves. I've...
  2. Imagitarium (petco) 3.7 gallon kit review.

    Aquarium Products Reviews
    Hey fish friends! I'm new to the forum and getting back into fish keeping after many years hiatus. I wanted to post a review of the tank I just purchased at petco. Its the Imagitarium (which is the new name for the petco brand) 3.7 gallon cube aquarium. At $50 it is an all glass square aquarium...
  3. Mystery snail stays in shell in tank but explores on dry land?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I purchased a mystery snail a couple days ago and popped him in with my Betta. I haven't seen the Betta go anywhere near him so I am not sure if he's being bullied but he doesn't leave the shell. If I take him out, however, he is out in a heartbeat exploring and sliming around. In - on his side...
  4. Aquascaping 3.5 gallon

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    Today I'm going to the LFS and getting some plants for my 3.5 gallon tank with a betta. It has really low lighting, two marimo moss balls (one is smaller then the other) and plenty of duckweed PLUS A TERRA COTA POT. What kind of plants should I get. I know one of them with be PCS but what else...