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  1. Cherry Barb, Leopard Danio, Tetra with African Butterfly Fish?

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hello, I have recently purchase an African Butterfly Fish and was wondering if he'd do well in a tank that has the following: - Pencil Tetra - Cherry Barb - Leopard Danio - Discus I am mostly worried that the Butterfly fish will eat the barbs, tetras and danios, but especially the...
  2. Fish spitting up and upside down

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    My male Odessa Barb which I have had for a little over a year has started to swim upside down and his tail fin looks in rough shape. He also looked like he was coughing up some kind of white powder or something. I had a Betta in there that ended up with dropsy a couple months back, he was...
  3. Cherry Barb Fry in Abandoned Tank

    Fish Breeding
    Hi there, I have been overseas for about 10 weeks and because I didn't have anyone to look after my freshwater tropical fish I decided to take them back to the fish shop and turn off my aquarium. When I returned 3 months later, I found at least two cherry barbs, just large enough to be able to...
  4. Blue Gourami Tankmates

    I am cycling a 55 gallon tank. Eventually I would like to have 3 variations of the Blue Gourami (Maybe Blue, Opaline, and Three-Spot). I assume I should get one male and two females. Can the following co-exist peacefully with the Gourami? Western (Australian) Rainbowfish, Rosy Barb, Penguin...