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  1. Peisaj (landscape)

    Freshwater Journals
    Hello, there! My name is Ionut and I am from Bacau, Romania. I want to present you my Juwel Rio 180 aquarium. Tank's parameters are: Size 100 cm length, 41 cm width, 50 cm depth; Lighting - JBL Solar Natur Ultra and JBL Solar Tropic Ultra (45 w) /9 hours per day; Internal filter - original...
  2. reptile wood in aquarium

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    I would really love to have some driftwood in my fish tank, but I can't find any at my pet store. There is lots of wood/driftwood in the reptile section, but I don't know if it's safe for aquaria, as it is all labled for reptile use. Some of it was mopani wood, and there were other types too...
  3. Who can help me choose the right plant for this scape?

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    I can't figure out what to use for tree leaves in my forest scape. Moss, floating, or driftwood attached? Which moss has the largest leaf area? Does anyone know if anubias would do well close to the light source, like at the top of a "tree"? I had even used hornwort floating at the top...
  4. Aquascape Idea

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Planning out my 125g aquascape, this is my idea so far. Please give me any ideas you may have to improve upon it, this is a first attempt at trying to make any kind of a look rather than just random placement. For dimensions to give scale, the length is 72.5" and the width is 18.5". The idea...
  5. New and possible final Aquascape

    Freshwater Journals
    HI hope all is doing well... here I am showing a short video of my 55 gallon aquarium which I recently cleaned and replace the substrate with caribsea floramax midnight. The tank currently looks bare but soon the plants will grow in. Some of the ground will be covered with Sagittaria...