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apple snail

  1. The strange and beautiful mystery snail

    This high definition video will teach you everything you need to know about keeping, feeding, and breeding mystery snails. It is professionally filmed and narrated, and covers all aspects of this wonderful creature. Give this video a look and you will gain a whole new appreciation for the "...
  2. Sick mystery snail? Advice please!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi, I am looking for some advice about my black mystery snail. Fairly new to the tank, no problems were present before, and he was happily cruising around when I got him. Now, I've noticed that he hasn't moved much. I moved him to an incubation tank in my 20G (consists of tetras, an angelfish...
  3. Izzy's Goldfish!

    Freshwater Journals
    Since there are some large changes coming to this tank, I thought I would start a photo log/photo album thing. I know goldfish aren't everyone's preference, so I haven't done this before. But my friends have prodded me enough to put this up. These are the most recent whole-tank shot. The...
  4. disease between human and Apple Snail

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I have 7 Apple snails in my aquarium and I established this aquarium specially to keep snails. Everything is ok but there are some worries about disease that can transmitted from snails to human. I heard many thing about this. Does anyone know about this? also If you know, how can I secure my...
  5. Possibly injured apple snail..?

    I just did a rescape on my tank, and a few hours later found my apple snail like this. Could i have hurt her? Or maybe one of the fish? there are nine guppies and two rosy red minnows. Also a BN pleco and a RN pleco. Anyone seen this before? Here are some vids too. Snail with curly antennea...
  6. I Wanna Buy Purple And Magenta Mystery Snails. Please Help.

    I Wanna Buy Purple And Magenta Mystery Snails. Please Help.
  7. Why is my golden apple snail turning brown?

    Hey, i noticed recently that my apple snail is turning brown in places and was wondering is this normal? The area of brown seems to change every now and then. I have crushed cuttlebone in with it and ph is okay for it btw so pretty sure it's not erosion. Attached is the picture, sorry for the...
  8. Food to boost snails calcium levels?

    Hey, I recently brought home a golden apple snail and put it in my 20g. I haven't had any invertebrates in this tank perviously so calcium is low. I put in crushed egg shell in a container to keep the snail growing for now but I need a more sustainble way (I've heard about crushed coral but...