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angelfish sick

  1. Angelfish diseases

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    What are the most common diseases freshwater angelfish suffer from?
  2. My Angelfish won't swim and keep hiding and staying in one place..Help?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    So I'm starting a new 30 gallon tank..I bought 3 angelfish, an oranda goldfish, a pair of neon tetra, a pair of guppies, and 4 tiger barb ( I asked the fish shopkeeper to put them separately but he refuse it) and when i got home i noticed that the tiger barb is attacking the other fishes! they...
  3. Angelfish sick or hurt?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I just got a new tank that has a working hood so that i can actually have a light in it, and i noticed that my one angelfish has a pinkish red blotch on his back between two fins (look in the photo on top of his tail) . Could this be an illness or a physical injury from tank transfers? I cant...