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  1. Angel's First SPAWN!!! PICS [VIDS]

    Fish Breeding
    Hello its Plumkin I got some amazing news my angels finally spawned! when i came home from work I noticed the females papila was WAY WAY OUT and the males was showing so I was thinking after 2 months or more of watching youtube vids of them spawning and reading info on forums and what now im...
  2. Help! I don't know what to do - *angelfish eggs already laid*

    Fish Breeding
    OMG!!!! my angels paired up and laid eggs in my 75 gallon tank on the powerhead today. i kinda had an idea that they were pairing up b/c they were protecting a territory and cleaning the area off. but here's my dilemma...1 - tomorrow is my water change day and i don't want to disturb the process...