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  1. Fish Breeding
    Hello everyone. I recently got 3 angelfish in my 29 gallon tank. I wanted to try to breed them. I know that I do need to wait for them to mature but if anyone has any tips on things the aquarium needs or anything like that, I would really appreciate hearing them. Thank you!
  2. Fish Breeding
    Hello its Plumkin I got some amazing news my angels finally spawned! when i came home from work I noticed the females papila was WAY WAY OUT and the males was showing so I was thinking after 2 months or more of watching youtube vids of them spawning and reading info on forums and what now im...
  3. Fish Breeding
    OMG!!!! my angels paired up and laid eggs in my 75 gallon tank on the powerhead today. i kinda had an idea that they were pairing up b/c they were protecting a territory and cleaning the area off. but here's my dilemma...1 - tomorrow is my water change day and i don't want to disturb the process...
1-3 of 3 Results