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ammonia poisoning

  1. Ammonia poisoning...can my fish recover?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    My black molly has not been doing well for a couple of days. He's been lethargic and has no appetite. He spends all his time in the house and I've had to force him out of it to make sure he's still alive a couple times. I linked it back to ammonia poisoning. My ammonia level was 0.50 ppm. I...
  2. GloFish fry- a little help/advice please?

    Fish Breeding
    It's kind of a long story, but i used to have fish all the time. A few years ago i let my tank go and decided to put up the hobby for a while. But last week i set my tank back up because i missed having the fish around. I bought 5 "glofish" from walmart and put them in my tank. Before you ask...