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  1. The dreaded Ramshorn snail

    The Ramshorn snail often gets a bad rap. Mostly because populations can explode if you give them too much food. If you have an explosion of snails in your tank, don't blame the snail. It's an imbalance that has created the issue. They only multiply as fast as their food source will allow. Here...
  2. Persistent Fin Rot on Corydoras (1 year)

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I bought an albino cory at a Petsmart about a year ago. He wasn't in the best condition, but I figured that once he went into a good tank, he would eventually heal up. Well, I've had this particular cory for about 1 year now, and he is not getting any better. His fins, especially his tail...
  3. Albino Cory Swimming at the Surface

    So after I did a water change, my albino cory was showing off some weird behavior today, which I've never seen in a cory before! Instead of hanging out on the sand with the other cories, he decided to stay at the surface of the water. I know they tag the surface to get air, sometimes even swim...
  4. Guppies slowly dying

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi all. This is my first post, so please correct me if it is in the wrong spot, etc. I had 6 red albino guppies and one set of fry (about 13.) 3 adult male, 3 adult female. One morning I woke up and one male was dead. Hm, well, ok, I checked water parameters, and everything was ok except pH...
  5. aquarium salt and corys

    My corys have got red base on the fins at the moment which has come from my tetras which i can't get rid of. My cory got a cut the other week and now has caught it from the water. It seems to have spread to my other large corys. I have never used aquarium salt but just ordered some to hopefully...
  6. Urgent! Albino corys gasping for air.

    Had my corys over a year now. Suddenly today around 3pm i saw my cory near the surface struggling breathing. This has never happened and my nitrate levels are 0. I tested the water and the chlorine did look high. I have suspected it to be chlorine poisoning. However none of the other fish seem...
  7. Jumping Albino Cory

    I'm new to this site and found the forums here because I'm concerned about my albino cory. I've had this guy for 6 months, and just in the last 24 hours he's been acting extremely odd, hovering in the top corners of the tank, leaping more than halfway out of the water, dashing across the very...
  8. What type of corydoras is an albino?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi. Silly question, I'm sure. But I was looking on the fish profiles and noticed that there was no albino corydoras. Can any species be albino? Or is albino its own species? Just curious.
  9. new tank set up, advice please?

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    So far I've found this site really helpful and as I am trying very hard to make my new tank work, I really appreciate all the advice I've been given on here....and I need some more :P Ok first here's a brief overview of my situation. I have two tanks, a 5 gallon hospital tank and a 15 gallon...
  10. Putting Different Cories Together

    Hey, I just found the site, it's real cool, and I have a quick question. A recent death in the tank has left my little albino cory all alone. There's a loach for him to hang out with, but it's just not the same. I'm planning to buy a couple new fish, and I wanted to make sure; do corys of...
  11. New addition to the family

    Vivariums and Reptiles
    Meet Karma our Albino Florida King Snake, the newest member of the family. She's been home with us since Sunday 1/24 and is doing well. She had her first meal in her new home with no issues and is adjusting well. :-D I say "she" but the snake is really too young to sex yet, approximately 2...
  12. Albino Red Tiger Oscar

    Does anybody know where I can purchase a good quality albino red tiger oscar or a long finned oscar? I found an albino red oscar on but I haven't heard such great things about that website... Any help would be appreciated, none of my local aqaurium shops carry them, I live...
  13. Babies ! Albino Bristlenose Plecos

    We have babies! Papa is a longfin but I don't think momma is. She may not even be a bristlenose. Maybe someone here can identify her type? These videos aren't the best quality and are rather long, but if you're into watching babies, they may interest you. :-D Mama & Papa - YouTube - Albino...