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    Hi, How pregnant would you say my Molly is? Just a rough figure. I know the gestation is 3-4 weeks but I'm unsure how far she really is? AfricanAquarist
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    Hi again, Here is a picture of my female Sailfin Molly (White) in the floating breeding trap without the inner divider. Should I put the divider in? Will it save the fry? Will she or will she not eat the fry? This is the Floating Guppy Tank with the inner divide sitting on the top. A...
  3. Fish Breeding
    Hi, My Sailfin Molly is pregnant and I want her to have her fry but do not have the luxury of a second tank. My sister is renovating her tank and I promised that she can have them. What do I do to prevent the fry from getting eaten? Do I put a breeding net in or something else. I'm pretty...
1-3 of 3 Results