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african cichlid

  1. Hi to all

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi to all, starting fish keeping 6 months now, and have researched a lot since then, making adjustments to tanks as I learn and progress, I now have 3 tanks setup, one for goldfish, one community tank for small tropical fish, and 3rd tank is African cichlid tank, all tanks seem to be fully...
  2. Cichlid Water Change and Feeding

    I have a 125 gallon tank stocked with assorted African cichlids. They average about 2-3 inches in length right now and there are currently 12 in there. Every week I change out roughly 20-25 gallons. Is this sufficient? Also, I have been feeding them once a day but notice that they always...
  3. Bala Sharks with African Cichlids?

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I have a 125 gallon tank that is not currently setup but plan on doing so soon. Want to have assorted peaceful to fairly peacefull African Cichlids in it. My LFS has nice stock available and they are young and small. Here is my question: I plan on purchasing 1 maybe 2 Bala Sharks and putting...
  4. I Love My Raphael Cat!!

    So about two or three weeks ago I bought a little Raphael Catfish for my african cichlid tank. I ran across them in a YouTube video and did a bit if research and decided he would have a fighting chance. Fido, as we have started calling him, is doing fantastic! He isn't as shy as what I expected...
  5. Help With Stocking and Ratio

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hello all. I have a 60 gallon long tank set up as an African Cichlid tank. I have a few that I know, one yellow lab, one red zebra, one acei, one johanni, one jewel, one blue with vertical stripes, one just like him with yellow and blue. Along with a striped Raphael catfish, one medium sized...
  6. What African Cichlid is this?!

    He is in a tank with a yellow lab and They seem to be doing great. He has named himself the alpha male and claimed most of the tank as his. He's not mean, just chases the yellow lab around when he gets too close, no biting though. This is the best picture i was able to get. Mobile...
  7. Questions about my new Pleco!

    I bought a pleco today. Not sure what kind, however. He's supposed to get up to 18 inches. He's black like the common ones. I was just wondering how fast he is going to grow. I have some African cichlids that will soon be in my new 60 gallon tank, and I want to put the pleco in there when he big...
  8. Name that blue african???

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    So what was it??? I just set up my first African tank in like 15 years... I just uploaded a pic of it. So although I did this a long time ago, I'm looking for a particular fish or the name of it. As it took a while to get set up on this, I think I might have got it. It is sort of like...
  9. Mbuna combo :)

    Kk so short story quick 55 gallon, mbuna biotope, no mbuna and need advice! K so here's my first attempt, btw majority females 1 male for each combo, tell me what you think! 4 yellow labs 4 esthereae 4 kenyi 4 auratus 4 socofoli 3 hongi 3 petricola 1 bristle nose Pleco Pair of kribs
  10. New fish owner, cloudy tank within 24 hours

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi, my name is Kyle....up until yesterday I have owned a 25 gal tank with community fish and I have had good luck with water. Yesterday I purchased a 90 gal tank used from a family that has had it for a couple years, it came with 10 African cichlids full grown (I think; they're pretty big)...
  11. Unknown African Cichlid??? need id

    Would anyone be able to id this lil terror.... ive tryed, looked everywhere but just can't find any info on him??? or her??? at the mo he is about 2 inch and his eyes are really large, there even bigger then the dominante Mbuna male and he's the biggest in the tank at 5-6 inch... i bought cause...
  12. Trying to figure out what type of african cichlid we have... &it's gender !!

    PICTURE INCLUDED!! Trying to figure out what type of African Cichlid we have, &gender He or she was given to me &my boyfriend as a gift, and we've spent hours researching trying to figure out what type of African Cichlid it is. The lady who gave it to us had no idea. It's got one egg spot on...