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  1. Stocking 10 gallon aquarium

    Introduce Yourself
    :wink3:Hi Everyone! I just transferred my 2 guppies and 3 neon tetras to a 10 gallon aquarium and they are doing great! I would like to add 1 or 2 new fish (Preferably from the same species because I am still quite a novice and I don't want to create and crowding issues, especially having...
  2. Adding more fish to a 10G tank?

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I have a 10G tank that already has three mollies. I've had them for about 2 months. I know a person who's pufferfish recently died so they're giving away their tank and fish. I would have wanted to take the tank (since it's about 50 gallons) but it's already being given away. So I asked if I...
  3. Adding large number of fish to new 6ft aquarium

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    Hi! In the near future I will be purchasing a 6ft tank & cabinet, and would like to start a planted freshwater tropical community aquarium. I have never had an aquarium before. I intend to cycle the tank using household ammonia, as I have heard this recommended elsewhere. After it has cycled...
  4. can I have more than one catfish in my tank

    I just recently got a catfish for my 36 gallon freshwater tank, I see that he is very shy even though he is the same size or bigger than the other fish. He only is active at night or when I feed them he hides on the bottom...(should I get sinking pellets for him? there's no algae growing in my...
  5. My first aquarium, any suggestions on my community??

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello everyone. I have an Aqueon 15 gallon Columm aquarium kit with the Quirtflow 10 power filter and a tetra 100w heater keeping my water around 78 degrees. I also have two live plants with driftwood and two other decorations. Ive had this aquarium for a little over two months now and have...
  6. Adding new danios to help current danios, even if the new ones probably won't last?

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    I have a small tank (10g) with some danios and otos. Currently the pH in my tank is very low. I am in the process of raising it but it is a very slow and delicate process and I am not going to rush it. In the last month or so, two of my danios have died. I only have two left now, along with 2...
  7. add my 1st fish

    Saltwater Fish
    I will be adding my 1st fish soon. but I was looking for sum advise as to how I should add him to my tank. As I don't have the space or money to have a Q tank as well as my display tank. I was wounding which would be the next best way to add the par of tank bread Ocellaris Clownfish. I would...
  8. Adding platies to tank

    I used 2 platies to cycle my tank and I want to get them 2 more friends.:-) Right now, I think my nitrites are at its peak and the nitrates are about 20ppm. Can I add another platy now or will that be too much? I addded my first 2 3 weeks ago. They are completely healthy and active.