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acrylic aquariums
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  1. Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    I have recently been researching on how to make your own custom acrylic tank. I was wondering if anyone on here has boughten one of these or made one themselves
  2. Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    Any suggestions on installing a canister filter intake/return on a "eurobraced" acrylic tank without having intake and return tubes located 3-4" off the tank walls? I have a really nice 40-45 gallon custom acrylic tank with "eurobracing". That means it has no center braces and the bracing is...
  3. Member Submitted Articles
    Cleaning your acrylic aquarium can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools the job can be safe for the tank and easy on you. Scratches can be avoided with the help of these useful tips to guide you through the process. * For cleaning the outside of your acrylic tank DO NOT use...
  4. Member Submitted Articles
    There are many questions one may ask when wanting to find a new fish tank. This article will answer one of those important questions: are acrylic aquariums better than glass aquariums? Explanations are provided on why acrylic is better for you the owner, and the life within the tank. There...
1-4 of 5 Results